DSSRC Administrative Closure #30

DSSRC reviewed a social media post disseminated by an independent salesforce member of a direct selling company. DSSRC expressed its concern that the Facebook post suggested that the Company’s products may serve as a form of defense against Coronavirus.

The Company advised DSSRC that it has spoken with the salesforce member responsible for the  social media post, reviewed the post with the individual and reiterated the Company’s basic advertising and promotion guidelines which sales representatives receive as part of the contract they sign with the Company. Accordingly, the salesforce member deleted the post that was brought to the Company’s attention by DSSRC. The Company reiterated its commitment to educating its salesforce on the subject of appropriate claim dissemination regarding Company products and to upholding the strictest standards of truthful and honest marketing.

Given the Company’s prompt action to address and remove the claim, DSSRC administratively closed this inquiry.

(closed on 5/21/20)