DSSRC Administrative Closure #317

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) contacted, a direct selling company (“Company”) that sells a variety of nutritional and wellness products regarding five earnings claims identified on Facebook. DSSRC expressed concern that the social media posts/claims may be interpreted as meaning that the Company’s business opportunity will result in salesforce members’ achieving substantial or significant income, free gifts and trips, and/or financial freedom.

Upon receipt of DSSRC’s inquiry, the Company promptly responded and was successful in having all of the posts removed from social media. In addition, the Company informed DSSRC that it communicated directly with the salesforce members that disseminated the posts in question to provide further education on the Company’s policies and procedures with respect to the proper dissemination of claims. The Company further informed DSSRC that it is committed to continually improving its compliance practices and appreciated the guidance of DSSRC with respect to the posts that were the subject of this inquiry.

In conclusion, DSSRC appreciated the Company’s actions in successfully removing all of the claims identified by DSSRC in this inquiry which DSSRC determined to be necessary and appropriate. The inquiry was administratively closed based on the Company's demonstrated good faith actions in addressing the concerns brought to its attention.


(Administrative Closure #317, closed on 5/14/24)
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