DSSRC Administrative Closure #40

DSSRC contacted a direct selling company about six social media posts disseminated by its salesforce members. The subject social media posts came to DSSRC’s attention pursuant to its independent monitoring of advertising in the direct selling marketplace. Specifically, DSSRC expressed concern that the six Facebook posts disseminated by salesforce members conveyed unsubstantiated product, health and wellness benefits that the Company’s direct selling products can protect against COVID-19.

The various advertisements in question all had a common theme of claiming that the Company’s product can be used to disinfect surfaces and also used as a hand sanitizer in order to protect against and kill COVID-19.

In response to DSSRC’s inquiry, the Company notified DSSRC that they share our mission in protecting consumers from false and misleading health and income claims. In addition the Company has informed DSSRC that the regularly educate their distributors about their compliance policies and devote substantial resources to their compliance efforts. The Company agreed that the six Facebook posts were improper and promptly removed the posts. The Company did note that none of the posts in question came from U.S. based distributors. However, the company still contacted each of the foreign branches of their company to inform them to remove the posts.

Additionally, the Company also notified DSSRC that they have a proactive compliance program to detect and remove any posts that are in violation with their policies and procedures. The Company intends to continue to cooperate with DSSRC and remove any posts that are brought to their attention.

DSSRC expressed its appreciation to the Company for their expedited efforts to remove these posts. Upon prompt actions taken by the Company to remove the posts, DSSRC administratively closed the inquiry.

(closed 6/23/2020)