DSSRC Administrative Closure #9

DSSRC reviewed claims by a multi-level direct selling marketing company. The inquiry included one earnings claim stating: “actually make whatever figure you wanna put in there..” and included references to earnings of up to $30,000 a month. Another claim stated that the Company could help “… people part/full time make an incredible income.”

In addition, the inquiry also included product performance and establishment claims disseminated in YouTube videos, including statements that the product could help with improving muscle strength, increasing arterial function, and is beneficial treating  certain diseases/conditions; The video also referred to “Clinical trials of women” which showed significant improvement in bone mineral content and bone mineral density over a three-year period.

The Company advised DSSRC that it was able to locate the two distributors who were disseminating the claims and suspended their accounts indefinitely. DSSRC confirmed that the social media posts and videos were removed by the Company immediately. DSSRC will continue to monitor the claims disseminated by this Company and will initiate a compliance inquiry should similar product and/or income claims come to its attention.

(closed on 12/10/2019)