Direct Selling Self-Regulation Council

DSSRC Appellate Board 

Members of the DSSRC Appellate Board play an important role in the direct selling industry’s self-regulatory program designed to ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of direct selling advertising. DSSRC Board members serve on panels that hear appeals appeals taken by direct selling companies whose advertisements were the subject of a DSSRC decision.



Appellate Board Panel Membership

Service as a DSSRC Appellate Board panelist is an important way for members of the direct selling industry
to “give back” by promoting the direct selling industry’s goals of a truthful marketplace.




Each of DSSRC's Appellate Board Panels Consist of Three Members

One Member Selected by
BBB National Programs
One Member Selected by
the Direct Selling Association
One Member Selected by
Both Organizations


DSSRC Appellate Board Members


The direct selling industry is greatly appreciative of the voluntary service of DSSRC Appellate Board members. 

  • Adonis E. Hoffman, CEO, The Advisory Counsel, LLC
    DSSRC Appellate Board Chairman 


  • Michael J. Collins, CEO, M&L Collins Group