National Advertising Division (NAD)

NAD reviews advertising that is national or broadly regional in scope. NAD reviews advertising in all media, including advertising distributed in print, through broadcast, on the Internet, at point-of-sale, or through direct delivery to one’s home or office.

(Please note that NAD does not review local advertising. If a complaint involves local advertising or local business practices, including order fulfillment or refund issues, delivery delays or “bait and switch” tactics, please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau,

NAD examines a wide range of advertising claims, including:

  • Product superiority claims
  • Health or safety claims
  • Pricing, savings or sales claims
  • Claims made through product demonstrations
  • Claims made in testimonials
  • “#1” claims
  • “Doctor-recommended claims”
  • Taste or sensory claims

NAD is not the appropriate forum to address concerns about political or issues advertising.

To send a consumer complaint to NAD, please:

  • Put the complaint in writing
  • Enclose screen shots of Internet advertising, copies of print advertising and details on the date and time of broadcast advertising (i.e., which network or radio station aired the ad and the time of day in which the ad aired).

Address the complaint to:
National Advertising Division
Consumer Complaint
112 Madison Avenue
3rd Floor
New York, NY

NAD acknowledges consumer complaints and informs consumers of NAD action. If  NAD opens a formal investigation, the complainant will receive a copy of NAD’s decision.