BBB EU Privacy Shield

BBB EU Privacy Shield helps companies of all sizes comply with Privacy Shield requirements for European data transfers 

On July 12, 2016, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission announced the launch of a new EU-US Privacy Shield Framework to replace the US-EU Safe Harbor as a new arrangement for transatlantic data flows. A similar arrangement was concluded with Switzerland in January and launched April 12, 2017. 

The Privacy Shield Frameworks create enhanced consumer privacy protections for EU and Swiss individuals, promote greater transparency around international data processing, and enable U.S. companies to demonstrate that their privacy practices meet European and Swiss data protection requirements.

U.S. businesses may receive and process personal data from the EU and Switzerland after self-certifying adherence to the Privacy Shield Principles. Your public self-certification to Privacy Shield with the U.S. Department of Commerce ensures that European organizations and consumers know your business provides adequate privacy protection.

How can BBB EU Privacy Shield help you?

U.S. businesses participating in Privacy Shield are required to provide an independent dispute resolution service for EU and Swiss individuals whose personal data they collect. We created BBB EU Privacy Shield to help businesses of all sizes meet this requirement and conduct business in Europe using adequate data protections.

Why do businesses choose BBB EU Privacy Shield?

BETTER Privacy Practices:  

  • Demonstrated expertise in U.S. and cross border data privacy issues for almost two decades.
  • We provide practical assistance to businesses of all sizes in navigating Privacy Shield requirements and the self-certification process. 
  • We monitor your compliance throughout the year to make sure nothing slips between the cracks.
  • We keep you updated and informed on how to stay compliant so you can focus on your business.

BETTER Customer Service:  

  • In the online business environment, addressing data protection concerns is both a legal obligation and a critical element of customer service.  Privacy Shield participants who put privacy at the center of their customer service are more likely to select BBB EU Privacy Shield as an independent dispute resolution mechanism.  
  • The most trusted name in consumer dispute resolution for more than 50 years, BBB offers European and Swiss consumers an accessible online complaints system, and prompt and thorough handling of privacy inquiries and complaints, always free of charge to individuals.  
  • Are you committed to working through problems with your customers?  Your commitment to privacy is a customer service differentiator, and you can partner with experts at BBB EU PRIVACY SHIELD.