International Panel
Global Footprints: How Businesses Can Navigate Varying Age Restrictions Across Borders
3:15pm - 4:15pm ET

It’s not just Merriam-Webster that has multiple definitions for a “child.” Under U.S. law, depending on where you look, a child is defined as someone under age 13 but also someone under age 18. In a global economy, the definition of a child matters to businesses selling products and services. What happens to a business’ advertising and privacy practices when evolving regulations across the globe shift their definitions of a child? This panel will address the global patchwork of regulations and the challenges for businesses that find themselves in the “children’s space,” whether they intended to be there or not.

Brie Janke  -  Senior Counsel, The Procter & Gamble Company
Marcel Leonardi  -  Attorney and Law Professor, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Guy Parker  -  Chief Executive, UK Advertising Standards Authority, President of ICAS
Michelle Totonis  -  Director, Senior Legal Counsel – Product and Marketing Development, LEGO Group
Lorna Cropper  -  Director, FieldFisher
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