Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI)

Using Strong Nutrition Standards to Improve Food Advertising to Children

The nation’s leading food and beverage and quick serve restaurants that participate in CFBAI have changed how they advertise to children to help address the challenge of childhood obesity. Under CFBAI’s Core Principles, participants commit to advertise only foods that meet CFBAI's Uniform Nutrition Standards or to not advertise any foods to children. Foods advertised by CFBAI participants now are lower in calories, sugar, sodium and saturated fat, and provide more food groups and beneficial nutrients. 

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Recent CFBAI News

Leading food companies deliver excellent compliance on their kids’ food advertising commitments. CFBAI’s Report on Compliance and Progress During 2017 finds that the 18 companies participate in CFBAI achieved excellent compliance with their commitments to advertise to children under age 12 only foods that meet CFBAI’s Uniform Nutrition Criteria or to not engage in advertising to children.


CFBAI Participants Adopt Stricter Nutrition Criteria. CFBAI announced that its participants have agreed to revise and strengthen the nutrition criteria they use to determine the foods they advertise to children. The participants adopted Uniform Category-Specific Nutrition, 2nd ed. and agreed to implement by January 1, 2020, which coincideswith the implementation date for the Food and Drug Administration’s new food labeling regulations.

CFBAI Program Participants

CFBAI’s 19 participants are the nation’s leading food and beverage companies and quick-serve restaurants.