Enhanced National Partner Program – Launching March 15, 2020

Since 1971, major corporations, prominent law firms, and leading service providers have recognized the value of supporting self-regulatory programs by becoming a National Partner. As our self-regulatory and dispute resolution programs move into our 50th year (and now around our BBB National Programs, Inc. banner), we are excited to announce improvements to our National Partner program designed to enhance your membership experience and value.

We are implementing new opportunities for BBB National Programs National Partners to interact directly with our programs through exclusive workshops, curated events with our industry leaders, and expanded networking opportunities. Among other benefits, BBB National Programs National Partners also will have an opportunity to play a greater role in the planning of our thought leader conferences and other coalition activities, will receive regular members-only updates on our initiatives and program developments, and will have the option to receive NAD and CARU decision press releases.

We also have reimagined how you will interact with BBB National Programs with the formation of new program committees. These issue specific committees will enable you to impact our industry self-regulation programs and guide us as we create solutions to meet future industry needs. Please find attached a more detailed overview of these new program committees for your reference.

Along with reimagining how you engage with BBB National Programs, we also are simplifying our annual dues structure and harmonizing our exclusive discount programs. As a National Partner, you will now enjoy twenty percent off our services, conferences (including registration and sponsor opportunities), and our program challenge fees.


National Partner Program Benefits



    Exclusive Network of Business Leaders

    National Partners are a group of over 100 companies that have committed to advancing marketplace trust and influencing industry behaviors. Our National Partners have access to our subject matter experts and are provided unique opportunities to use their voice in helping shape components of our industry self-regulation programs.

    Use Your Voice

    National Partners make an impact by serving on program committees. These issue specific committees will enable you to impact our industry self-regulation programs and guide us as we create solutions to meet future industry needs.

    National Partner Benefits

    National Partners support BBB National Program's work as the leading voice for industry self-regulation, and in turn, they receive the following benefits:

    • Access to BBB National Programs' experts in the areas of privacy, advertising, food marketing, and industry self-regulation
    • Engage with BBB National Programs leaders via program committees
    • Opportunities to participate in exclusive National Partner curated events
    • Significant discounts on NAD advertising challenge filing fees
    • Preferred pricing on NAD and CARU conference sponsorships and registrations
    • Exclusive member pricing on Online Archive subscriptions
    • Electronic copies of current NAD and CARU case reports delivered 10 times a year
    • Emailed NAD and CARU press releases

    Become a National Partner 

    The National Partner Program represents an exclusive group of organizations looking to advance marketplace trust, influence industry behavior, and engage with consumers, government regulators, and peers on a national scale. Partners must go through a rigorous evaluation process before being voted on and confirmed by the BBB National Programs’ Board of Directors.

    If your organization is committed to building a trustworthy marketplace for consumers and businesses through industry self-regulation, we welcome you to apply to become a National Partner today.

    Contact BBB National Programs at NationalPartners@bbbnp.org to learn more about the National Partner Program.


    Current National Partners

    These corporations, law firms, and associations support BBB National Programs' mission and work with other National Partners to advance self-regulation in advertising, privacy, and dispute resolution.