BBB National Programs Leadership

Executive Leadership
Eric D. Reicin
President & Chief Executive Officer BBB National Programs
Vickie McCormick
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Mary K. Engle
Executive Vice President, Policy
Harley Bledsoe
Chief Information Officer
Jim Boyle
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Amy J. Clark
Chief Human Resources Officer
Program Leadership
Dona J. Fraser
Senior Vice President, Privacy Initiatives
Laura Brett
Vice President | New York Office Leader National Advertising Division®
Maureen Enright
Vice President Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative | Children’s Confection Advertising Initiative
Juan Herrera
Vice President, Dispute Resolution Programs BBB AUTO LINE® | Dispute Resolution Program for Verizon Wireless Customers | Arbitration Under Class Action Settlements Program
Peter C. Marinello
Vice President Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council
Justin Connor
Executive Director, The Center for Industry Self-Regulation Vice President, BBB National Programs
Michelle R. Harris
Vice President, National Partners and Business Development
Abby Adams
Assistant General Counsel