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Formerly BBB EU Privacy Shield

The Data Privacy Framework (DPF) Program is an approved mechanism to legally transfer (or access) personal data from the EU, the U.K., and Switzerland to the U.S. A key requirement to participate in the DPF Program is the designation of an independent dispute resolution provider, and as the longest-running IRM in the U.S., BBB National Programs is here to help.



DPF Program Compliance Made Simple

For 20 years, our non-profit organization has delivered cross-border privacy compliance services to U.S. businesses of all sizes. No matter the stage of your privacy compliance journey, our high-touch support team is here to help.    



Certification Support

Our team provides DPF Program hands-on assistance to help businesses of all sizes navigate the certification and annual recertification processes seamlessly.


Save time and resources with our year-round monitoring and support services delivering the DPF Program updates, cross-border privacy notices, and timely reminders your team will rely on.

Dispute Resolution

Our unique conciliation-first model delivers speedy and seamless dispute resolution services, following transparent procedures trusted by consumers and businesses alike.

As your Independent Recourse Mechanism (IRM), BBB National Programs provides you with the one-on-one support you need to have full confidence in your approach to cross-border consumer data privacy.

Get Started

Work with BBB National Programs to prepare for DPF Program self-certification in three easy steps. 


STEP 1: Complete the BBB National Programs IRM application to get the process started.  


STEP 2: We will help you prepare all of the elements you will need for DPF Program certification.  


STEP 3: Use the materials we helped you prepare to complete your DPF Program self-certification on the Department of Commerce DPF Program site.  




Frequently Asked Questions


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Principles & Procedures

When a U.S. business joins the Data Privacy Framework Program, it makes a public commitment that its processing of EU, U.K., and Swiss personal data will meet data protection standards. 


A business that chooses BBB National Programs as its Independent Resource Mechanism (IRM) agrees to follow our Procedure Rules when responding to privacy complaints, and to keep the same promise to the individuals who make use of our dispute resolution service.  



News & Blog

Press Release

BBB National Programs’ Statement on Adoption of Adequacy for the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework

McLean, VA – July 11, 2023 – Dona Fraser, BBB National Programs’ Senior Vice President, Privacy Initiatives, issued a statement on behalf of BBB National Programs today on the European Commission’s official adoption of its adequacy decision for the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (EU-US DPF).

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The breadth of the Washington state My Health My Data Act brings digital consumer health protections into focus -- from every angle possible -- and will create important overlaps among existing consumer privacy laws, health and biometrics privacy laws, and this new standard for consumer health data in Washington.
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Federal Privacy Legislation Should Create a Gateway for Industry Self-Regulation

Where ADPPA falls short and why self-regulation is fundamental to the broader data privacy ecosystem, not as a replacement but a good adjunct to support the FTC and other agencies that are subject to limited scope, resources, and capacity to regulate the privacy environment.
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Key Takeaways: TikTok Testifies at House Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing

The U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee's TikTok data privacy hearing emphasized the need for a comprehensive data privacy law. The hearing included the vast array of topics that are all being considered by Congress regarding federal data privacy, tech accountability and content moderation, and national security. Check out our takeaways of the most pressing, interconnected issues discussed.
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